Méline Lafont ~ A new beginning arises from the depths of our being ~ Channeled from Self

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As we continue to settle in this foundation and in this grid of Love and empathy, of Divine potential and of inter Dimensional creation, a lot is being absorbed by our beings and hearts.  The energies are co-operating into a new divine system of Alchemy, where all the foundations of heart based feelings and creations are part of this new system and form the new system called Humanity as One race and One being. 

Therefore a new beginning arises from the depths of our being and system to this beautiful point of view where all that is been seen as lower Dimensional frequency will no longer exist nor linger in one’s reality.  Dependency on outer forms and systems will  continue to crumble, for there is only the independency of Self and being autonomous and self-reliant.  Creations form the outer formation of one’s world and therefore a more grounded way of living is required in order to be able and create a stable and joyful experience of life.

When one is grounded to the core and the heart of Mother, all that is passing through Her will reveal all that you are and that you ground into a great manifestation on Her reality.  Therefore it is very opportune to stay in Love in a constant state of being, for one will reflect that to others as well. Continue reading

Peter Van Runt And Lucas – Listen To Our First Episode Of Double Dutch Radio with Méline Lafont and Eileen Meyer as guest – 28 June 2013



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Double Dutch Radio : Enjoy our first show.

Peter van Runt and I came sychronisticly together with the idea to do a radio show together. We have  elements of fun, interviews, personal talk and music. Some other stuff we have thought of will appear in other shows.

In our first show we introduce our selves,  we have a news flash with the news of the week. We have  an interview with Eileen Meyer about her music. Eileen also provided us with our leader music. Also “The viewpoint  in the now” with Méline Lafont gives a NOW moment inside. Our commercial breaks are special and we play also MC SuperKenn‘s music in between which will be next weeks show musician being interviewed.

The radio show will evolve with the flow of things. Our website http://www.doubledutchradio.com  is still under construction. We are gonna stream also in future with live interviews or backgrounds and we will  have a space for videos and articles. As said all will evolve in the flow of things. And yes my blog has not 120 but 120.000 visitors average a month. You forget things in the heat of the moment. Just fun. Peter and I are just on our training wheels.

If you’re a musician that wants to have music promoted  including a short interview e-mail to music@doubledutchradio.com and we can get in touch.

Music this episode from:

-Eileen Meyer : http://www.eileenmeyer.com / http://www.eileenmeyer.com/Music.html

-MC Superkenn : http://www.superkenn.com

Have fun and enjoy, love Peter and Lucas !

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Saint Germain and Merlin ~ The Growpath to YourSelf ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont


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Saint Germain

Greetings my most beloved friends. With the highest esteem and respect I offer you once more my loving energies and I bathe all of you in my essence of violet colours and my fragrances of Love. I am permitted to step forward again in this Now moment of your reality and, as always, I am grateful for this.

The last message I have given through this beloved Twin Flame of mine dealt with Love and the aspects of Twin Flames. It was my pleasure to bring a message about those topics but today I am going to talk about something entirely different if you allow me.

Today I would like to elaborate on the coming times where the next constructive energies are getting ready to build your reality in your lives and in your experiences. There are 2 choices you can make concerning those energies. EITHER you choose to not do anything with them although you integrate them for a later date when you feel you will be ready OR you start working and effectively do something with them. No matter what choice you make, all will be accepted with the heart and the Love and will be respected from our position of Being. Continue reading

Méline Lafont ~ Personal sharing about the Solstice energies ~


Happy Solstice everyone!! How is everyone coping with the intense energies merging through us?!  Wow, how wonderful this one is!! It’s been told and shared so much through us, how important this portal would be and IT IS!  Lots of energies pouring in the crown chakra, activations, releasing, remembering, a deeper level of connection, integrations, Light body activation, portal activation in the heart…. And so much more is now taking place in each and one of us!


I would Love to hear all of your experiences and feelings about it, so I would Love to invite you to share yours as well to my blog or e-mail that can be find on my page “contact me”, and I will post them under the page of “Shift and ascension experiences from readers”.  Thank you for sharing!


Well, I wanted to give a sort of update and sharing about my own process.. As you know I love to share them as it can benefit others and offer the message to you all that you are definitely not alone as we all go through our own stuff and shifts on our own pace and way.  Let’s see.. where to begin?! :-) Continue reading

The Pleiadians ~ The next phase in Global Ascension: the Summer Solstice; everything through the Heart ♥ ~ As received by Méline Lafont

Our most dear brothers and sisters, our family and most important our beloved relatives. Today we wish to convey a special message about the upcoming summer solstice which is nearing as seen from your linear timeframe. We would like to elaborate on this topic with all of you, from heart to heart.

The most enlightening energies are making their way in your reality and are at present amply to be found in your consciousness and in your heart. Those energies are present just to see to it that all that lingers on the path of Ascension will duly be able to fulfill, to experience and to Be this process. Those most appropriate energies come to a head-on collision with your current incarnation, possibly leading up to an enormous shock or confrontation with this reality.

Everything will become more visible for all of you and you will recognize your own patterns and your creations more easily than ever before. This is as it should be, dear ones, for firstly you have to become aware of all that you are forming, being and creating. As soon as these new energetic impulses have been integrated in your Being, there will be a lot released in your consciousness that you yourself are the ones that put the process of Transformation and Ascension into motion on your own hook and you execute it. The current energies are there to assist you with this and to help activate the most deep and important matters so that you can continue enlarging your consciousness and growth. Continue reading

The Arcturians ~ All the Galactic Civilizations, all Beings and the collective of You are becoming this giant group of consciousness on a Solar and Universal level ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

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Arcturians by Méline Lafont

Greetings, we are the Arcturians and we greet you from our perspective of Being.  We flow forth as a collective form from Source and our essence is Love.  From our perspective and point of view, all is forming the new wave of Being in all Light and Love of essence.  This energy is hitting this planet and her reality in the most effective way, to bring all hearts into connection and into more self-awareness, for each and every one of you is a God Presence of Light in the heart.

Therefore it is our deepest wish to support you in this process of Self-awareness, for it is an important step in the Divine plan that is about to unfold.  It is all about remembering who you are of essence and that you are more than Human, you are more than a soul and a heart; you, our dear ones, are in fact this giant source of All That Is.  That is who you are, each and everyone of you in essence and you are birthed from it into who you are now in this incarnation as well as in all other forms in other parallel realities.

This rebirth, this realization of Self is now taking place all over this planet and in dimensions, as well as in the other dimensions where you are also existing simultaneously.  All is forming into one consciousness once more and you are being activated to know and to remember this all again.  You will be overwhelmed with all that you are, all that you represent and form.  You will see, our dear ones, that all this is your truth and your reason of existence. Continue reading

Saint Germain ~ Love and Twin Flames ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

Saint Germain

I express my deepest gratitude for this opportunity to step forward through my beloved Portia. Although the both of us are loving Twin Flames, each of your hearts is mine and Portia’s also, just as both our hearts are yours. We all form one huge consciousness and one web of creation which implies that we all are part of the big Cosmic Source of Love and Being.

I feel enclined to express my energy and love today through the much talked about topics of Love and Twin Flames. The unity and the grid of Love are something so wonderful and pure of essence that they represent an exceptional creation which can take on any shapes and aspects it wants, everything is possible.

Being part of this grid, all of you with no exceptions, see to it that All That Is can shape and take the form of Its creations that it wants to experience and to BE. You are that experience, you are that shape, you are the Being in creation, you are that endless energy which takes on all sorts of forms and colours, coming from this grid of Love and Being. The most staggering shapes and essences are expressed through all of you my dear hearts. You are very exceptional !! Continue reading

Méline Lafont ~ Review of the month of May: my personal share and experiences

Afbeelding 110

One thing is for sure and that is that I AM happy that this month of May has ended! It has been the wildest ride ever for me and I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way.  The Month of May has been an intense clearing, as well as an activation where the Christed Self is being given the opportunity to descend into our being and our heart, a process that is now still taking place as we speak.  This was all thanks to the portals and eclipses that have taken place in this 1 month of our linear time.

As hard as it was for me personally, I am very thankful for it, for it has given me a huge push to continue with my path that my heart has chosen to follow.  I have made decisions and choices that might have affected some in my entourage and this has triggered a lot, not only in my life but in theirs as well.  And this is exactly what the hard part was for me, because being sensitive to what other people think of me, I have been tested, triggered and turned upside down in my thoughts and life with exactly those kinds of mirrors.  Isn’t this process, this teaching wonderful?! At first it was very hard for me, I must admit.. but now it is so obvious as to how it was mirrored to me and why.

I have decided to end my relationship, which was a wonderful one on the vibration of 3D, but since I am transcending this and growing more into Self on a higher level, the relationship simply does not work and does not resonate anymore.  As hard as it still is, my heart feeling was very clear about this and I do not have regrets for ending it.  The only thing that made it hard is the fact that I have 3 small children and that everything is being thrown at me; I am accused of being a bad person and a horrible mother by making this decision. Continue reading

Melchizedek ~ The planetary shift of May that unfolds in June and July ~ Channeled by Meline Lafont




Greetings, dear ones.

Being an Ascended Master and a teacher of the higher realm of the Elohim of the Light, I have an enormous appreciation and respect towards all of you for the excellent work that you all are performing while in incarnation. Everywhere around the world, manifestations are forming in various ways, each having their own characteristics but nevertheless they perform admirably. We see the manifestations of the Indigo generation getting busy as Lightworkers and representatives of the Light, working in a peaceful manner and with the utmost respect in their hearts.

These indigo generations do not have to be fully awakened per se as they carry the perfection of God’s Being within themselves and are very deeply connected to that. They have been programmed for this and arrived in this reality just to do the work that has now started. Utterly beautiful movements take place nowadays because every heart feels affection for one another and those hearts want to bundle their forces in order to anchor even more of their light.

That is what cooperation and change is all about. Taking matters into your own hands and doing something with the energy and the creations that no longer serve you! That’s why we express our well-earned gratitude and love for the marvellous development of these important manifestations. All hearts support each other in this, resulting in the most powerful movement ever! Continue reading

Méline Lafont: This is for precious Gaia ♥


♥ This is for precious Gaia.  As I was driving to get my kids on a beautiful sunny day, I was staring at the beautiful sky and all the clouds: sharing me these words and insights… I felt an inner peace and energies running through me, while absorbing the beauty of Mother nature.  As a HUman being, we take too much for granted and don’t always realize how precious everything is around us and in our lives.  If we look to the beautiful sky for example and all the clouds that are making formations, and moving in the space and energy of Earth’s atmosphere,:how wonderful is that?! The small patterns that it is made of, the atoms that have given this life and existence, and the color that is making every single creation into an exceptional existence.  This is all so exceptional and special, how creation is fact and how the smallest thing can form such beautiful creations on Earth.

♥ All the flowers, the animals, the trees, the oceans, even human creations like houses, a table .. all is creation of life because you are life and all around you is life.  All is energy and so are you and your creations.  This is special, not something we need to take for granted.  We need to appreciate more what we have in our lives and what supports us, helps us and reminds us of who we are. This is the beauty of this reality and Mother Earth: the opportunity to experience all of this and even touch all, feel all and smell things, cope with things, create things, co-operate, life itself!

Continue reading